Tell us about yourself 
I was born and grew up in the greater Victoria area. After some time off the island and overseas I am back living in the GVA and working as a counsellor and facilitator. 
What is your motivation for involvement in the HTAF?
My background is in education, so I was immediately drawn to the vision of helping marginalized and homeless individuals  by supporting their educational goals. I have seen the powerful transformative power of learning, and know that unconditional support and generosity can inspire people to make lasting changes in their lives. Also, I believe in treating everyone--no matter their situation--as a person first, and that respect for humanity is something I picked up on throughout the vision statement for the HTAF.
What are you hoping to contribute to the foundation?
The creation of a Hope Centre that will act as a meeting place, counselling resource, and mentoring hub is a vision I would like to follow through with. To that end, I hope that my perspective as someone who works with homeless individuals on a daily basis will enrich our discussions, and that my experience as an educator might also add a necessary perspective to the project.
Where do you hope the Foundation will be in 5 years time?
I hope that in 5 years time the HTAF will be established enough that we will be able to focus less on awareness-raising, fundraising. and connection-building, and much more on the individuals who most need our support. Further, I hope that not only the HTAF, but also the participants of our programs will be in very different places. I hope to be able to see some of our first and second-round participants living in improved circumstances and empowered by their educational journey.

A poem by community consultant Bruce Livingstone

homeless hopes

hunting and gathering detritus
clay feet mould to walk in another's cast-off
shoes, dues, blue double yous

ghosts of children daring illegal sleep
double-parking on bright commons of public light
or shop stoop, steep slope, shrinking night

subliming shared embers of salvage, leaf, sage,
chasing the dragons of myth bottled
in ships blown west, wet, dashing on rocks of wrecked age

they: the homeless, diving fountains of blood
of grimm street donations breadcrumbing back to harbour,
labouring to line-up, straighten stiff, skilled skeletal hopes


    THTAF's Founder, Board of Directors, Volunteers, and Community Consultants will all contribute articles in the future.


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