A message from the founder of the organization, Jim Sullivan.

You have a story. Every person has a story. Our foundation exists to partner with disadvantaged people in Victoria as they strive to create positive new chapters in their unfolding story. Our program is unique in that it strives to address the needs of the whole person in order to maximize their efforts to transcend their circumstances and achieve fulfillment.

Context: The reasons for being homeless, impoverished or disadvantaged are as varied as the individuals who find themselves in that condition. Yet there is a constant that characterizes each and every person so afflicted. It is the capacity, often in the midst of overwhelming odds, to hope. However hope can often be fleeting and vague. It seeks and requires acknowledgement and nurturing to be sustained and ripened into fulfillment. Thus it is the goal of our foundation to promote hope and to help individuals through their achievement, turn hope into reality. 

MISSION: The mission of the foundation is: Transformation through education. We are a BC-registered non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people from low-opportunity sectors of society in their efforts to change their circumstances. This is achieved by funding a return to formal education or vocational training. For our part, we will encourage, promote and facilitate a return to formal education or training for people living in underprivileged or disadvantaged circumstances, and to offer our program to agencies (public or private) which help the disadvantaged. This will be accomplished by fulfilling our society’s pledges to every person enrolled in our program. In turn, all participants will sign their pledge to strive to achieve and to fulfill the criteria for program inclusion and retention. 

PLEDGES: The Hope through Achievement Foundation will: 

  • Encourage and support people to further their education or training, thereby increasing employment potential and to be with them in their efforts to create positive change. Provide each person with a peer counselor and/or education mentor from start to finish with follow up and accountability. 
  • Provide a level of funding tailored to the specific requirements of each person. 
  • Strive to insure that each person’s journey is coordinated with other community services. 

Towards the future: When our Operations Center is completed, we will offer to people from some nine low opportunity sector of society the following:

  • A Hope Development Center offering programs to help people want to change the circumstances of their lives.
  • A Bridge to Education or Training in order to achieve change in their life circumstances
  • An individualized, mentored, integrated program to support people’s efforts to achieve positive change.


    THTAF's Founder, Board of Directors, Volunteers, and Community Consultants will all contribute articles in the future.


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